Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Love of God: Chapter 3

"Push it out!!!" My tv trainer screamed at me. "Ha, yea right, you don't know what I'm feeling," I retorted in thought.

Recently my mom and I began working out together for fun/I-can't-breath-very-well-so-I-should-probably-workout-my-body. Even though I ice skate and do a couple other sports for pleasure I realized that I was waaaayyy out of shape. After the first day my body was screaming at me. Today after I finished working out God gave me a revelation.

Sometimes He pushes us to places we don't want to go. Whether that's a missions trip, a full-day 24/7 schedule, a break from friends, whatever. We don't like it and we usually let God know it, kind of like me and my trainer. But, also like my trainer, God doesn't stop when the going gets tough. He will often push us past the point we think we can go. Why does God do this? For one simple reason, He wants us to quit. Now don't loose me here, God wants you to give up trying on your own. He wants you to rely on Him, not on yourself. If your like me, you probably enter a hard time with a little (ok, a lot) of pride strapped to your back. You feel in control, and you like that feeling. It's easy to stay in that position. But as I said in my last post, God doesn't want us taking the blue pill, He wants us to step outside our "comfort" zone and take the red pill.

Now if this is all relating to you, that's not a bad thing. Just like working out, moving out of the easy lane is helpful and builds out bodies both physically and spiritually. Another thing, as you go through this time you are probably going to accumulate a lot of anger at God. GET THAT OUT. God understands what your going through. God doesn't get offended, He forgives you, and the WORST thing you can do is let that anger bottle up inside you. Give that anger to God. You can scream into a pillow, cry it out, work out (one friend of mine plays football to get it out), sing at the top of your lungs (my favorite way) or whatever other way God gives you that OBVIOUSLY doesn't involve hurting someone or yourself! NOT ALLOWED!!! God wants you to push though this last chance work out. Cause guys, it literally is our last chance. We are living in the end times. It's not a joke, it's the word of God. We need to be prepared to meet Him when He comes! So trust God through this hard time, God is trying to be your trainer and help you. He only does it because He loves you. You can make it, God says you can and I believe you can.

Well, back to the gym, :) Blessings and prayers go with you all!
Tess :)

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