Friday, November 19, 2010

Accepting the Invite (A Post From Our Girl Overseas)

Hebrews 4:16 (Amplified Version)

You should know the drill.
Grab your Bible. Bring up a fresh tab on your computer.
Check the verse.

In your hands is something very special. No-I am not referring to the laptop or iphone ;) The verse- look at it like a coveted prize or reward. You normally don’t have to win a prize-it just randomly is dropped in your lap when you least expect it, or don’t dare hope you could have it, or can’t imagine deserving it. Its like that. Face it- you don’t deserve the contents of that verse. Neither do I.

So….we don’t deserve it, we don’t expect it, and you- be real here- you honestly can’t fathom it right now. This verse is an invite. And its Christ’s personalized invite to each of us-His Followers! You- yeah, you there! YOU: are so loved! You are a treasure trove of His gifting. You are chosen and set apart, and designed to glorify Christ through fulfilling your calling! Don’t allow the Enemy to bruise your talents with his lies. Don’t let him reap your reward-or sneak away that invite. ‘Cause-I’m telling ya: he sure will try. YOU are irreplaceable to Christ. Don’t underestimate yourself. And look at this invite He’s just laid in your lap!

Face up- Its time to get real. Try to soak that verse in: You are entitled to come FEARELESSLY, BOLDLY, CONFIDENTLY to the very THRONE of GOD and ask for mercy and grace. And your assured of receiving them in your exact time of need. That is something powerful. I don’t know about you: but that is hardcore-and should rock the rest of your day. I’m trying not to sound like some sales person-I am not selling this: I was just so thrilled when I took in the enormity of this verse: I had to share it with you.

So now I challenge you to do the same. Take it in. Accept the invite. Share with a friend who needs to take it in too. You’ll be glad you did. And then…again….run with it.

Run with that promise.
Others will see, and ask, and also take it in.
Don’t ignore the invite.
Don’t doubt it.
Its real.

Running with it too,
Blessings, (Jakarta, Indonesia)


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